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Dragon for a day

Les Barnes, director of West Street Marketing, became a Dragon for the day to help launch a new Uxbridge College initiative.

Design students at Uxbridge College pitched against each other to create a logo and branded email for a mortgage company – and win an Apple iPad in the process.

The 14 Uxbridge College students created designs for Graf Mortgage Corporation, and pitched in front of a panel of three ‘dragons’ including Steven Cochran, who is Director of Graf Mortgage and the college’s vice-chair of Governors. Other dragons were Lucy McCann, Head of Marketing at Uxbridge College, and Les Barnes, director of West Street Marketing Ltd.

The winning designs were by Kenny Ogunneye, aged 17 from Hayes, and are now due to be worked up for use in a marketing campaign in the Spring 2012.

Les Barnes said: “All the work presented by the students was excellent and it was very difficult to choose a winner. What made Kenny’s ideas stand out was that he had a very good understanding of what Graf wanted and he created a superb template that not only can be used for emails but also other promotional activity.”

Lorraine Collins, Executive Director of Enterprise and Development at Uxbridge College, said: “Uxbridge College students have so much talent between them that there is no doubt businesses could make use of it. Whether they shine as designers, entrepreneurs, engineers or show flair in another area, the Young Dragons Society is there to nurture their best ideas and link them with organisations which can benefit.”

The competition marked the launch of Uxbridge College’s Young Dragons Society and was held in Hayes Business Studios, a facility for start-up business, at the college’s Hayes Community Campus.

West Street Marketing is delighted to be able to support Uxbridge College in this initiative as part of its business mantra of supporting local community programmes that encourage young people to fulfil their potential.

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