Exhibition Advice For The Small Exhibitor

How the small exhibitor can make their stand….. stand out!

Stand Design and Build

Exhibition Stand Design For The Small Exhibitor

Stand position
Think about the position of your stand within the exhibition hall or event location when buying your exhibition space.
Not everyone can afford a prime position so always consider the next best option based upon visitor traffic around the exhibition. Corner sites are always a good option as they are on a cross road where traffic can be busiest.
If possible grab a position near a refreshment area or, dare I suggest, near the toilets! They’re both very busy areas.
Get your message right
Many small shell scheme stands use graphics or pop-up stands to deliver a message. If the design and text on your graphics is not thought about carefully, it can be confusing. Put yourself in the place of someone visiting the show. They want to be able to understand your offering within a couple of seconds of visiting your stand. So many times I see stands that don’t deliver the right message and do not explain in simple terms what they do.
Keep your message simple and use interesting imagery. Few people want to spend time reading long and dull explanations.
Don’t clutter your stand with sales people. If you have a small stand, one or two people at the most is all the staff you need. Rather than standing or sitting on your stand, move slightly off the stand and allow people to get a good view of your offering before you approach them. This allows the visitor to digest your message quickly and is a far less intimidating experience for them.
I personally get offended when I am approached by someone on a stand asking “how I am”. As if they care! A popular method used to engage with a prospect is to ask the visitor if they are interested in what you are offering. Get to the point and don’t waste your time and theirs if they are not interested.
Keep your stand tidy. Get rid of the old coffee cups and half eaten sandwiches. Better still, take a break  away from the stand to enjoy a much needed bite to eat. It’s much better for your staff and avoids an unattractive conversation with a mouth full of baguette.
Handouts and lead gathering
Hand over something to your visitor in exchange for their details. Information about your company is always good to giveaway and does not need to be in the form of an elaborate brochure.  A piece of literature which gives the recipient basic information about your company and which drives them to your website
is all you need.  Keep it simple but interesting.
If you are going to give something away to visitors at your stand, make it interesting and relevant to what your company is selling. I’m not decrying the cheap give-aways like pens, etc, but sometimes it is worth considering quality not quantity. Think of something useful and memorable. Be selective to who you hand your give away to. After all, it’s your money you are handing out and you want to get a return on your investment.
Exhibiting is hard work and can use up a fair chunk of your overall marketing budget. Having made the commitment in time and effort you want to
portray the best image for your company. However tired you might be, smile and be happy! After all, you’re there for one thing only – to gather more leads, to gain more business which in turn will improve the prospects of your company – and you!
If you need more advice on how to present your company in a memorable and cost effective way, please contact us on 0844 776 0235 or visit our Exhibitions page at www.west-street-marketing.co.uk/exhibitions
Good luck and keep smiling!
by Tony Barnes
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