Creating a buzz….but keeping it simple.

Creating a buzz….but keeping it simple.

West Street Marketing recently produced a simple but visually exciting exhibition stand that worked hard to attract visitors – by appealing to their appetites!

The brief was to create a buzz on one of our client’s exhibition stands at ACB Focus 2012 at the ACC Liverpool.

The client, Beckman Coulter,  didn’t want to show any specific products because of space restriction but still wanted to entice attendees onto their stand for data capture and lead generation.

West Street Marketing created a dramatic image and a simple message that would relate well with the scientific audience attending the show.

The position of the client’s stand was opposite a coffee area which opened up an opportunity to take advantage of that footfall. When delegates gathered around the coffee area during their seminar breaks we invited them to enjoy a free Krispy Kreme Doughnut in exchange for their business details. A fair exchange we thought!

And it proved to be a great success with hundreds of delegates visiting the stand over a three day period – far more than expected. And the client’s post-exhibition contact with the delegates proved rewarding as
everyone remembered the free doughnut they enjoyed.

If you want to see how you can get more out of your exhibition stand, please give us a call or email with your details.

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