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Welcome to our very first Blog on The Street. We hope to build a friendly, insightful and collaborative community here, offering helpful marketing advice and support to those who need it.

We celebrate our ‘Blog-launch’ with news that our growing team are joined by an old friend and colleague, Robert Duncan. We have worked with Robert in the past and we welcome him again to The Street along with his many creative attributes including his animation work. We thought you’d like to see an example of his skills here http://www.youtube.com/user/TheMarketingstreet?feature=watch  and will also pose the following related question for your reaction.

‘Has the creative industry lost its ability to ‘scamp up’ ideas – to draw or illustrate a creative approach in order to facilitate a solution to a marketing requirement?’

We ask this because it seems that, whilst the creative process remains the same, the ability to quickly transform these thoughts into visual concepts appears to have been muted by technology. We’re not by any means suggesting that the advancement in technology (especially on the design front over the past 2 decades or so) has not been a positive one for the marketing industry. We have been as indulgent in the employment of ‘Mac Artworkers’ and ‘OnScreen Designers’ as the next creative business. But the ability to draw something ‘on the hoof’ – to quickly transform an idea, wherever you are, into a storyboard or picture (along with typographical additions for headlines or body copy) appears to have become a lost art – even with the advent of the Tablet.

Where is the next generation of visualisers? Where are the creative geniuses that can competently and excitingly envisage a client’s idea by simply sketching the ideas onto paper… for all to see?

Are you impressing clients with this dynamic approach to the creative process by drawing what everyone’s thinking, there and then? Or have you become resolved to using the technological route where the raw personality of your approach seems muted and disparate from the original creative thought?

What do you think? (we think you know where we stand!)

We’d love to hear from you if you’re involved in the creative field or indeed have used a creative agency that have somehow lacked the spontaneity and ability to proffer a hand drawn creative proposal. Is it that important or should it be seen more? We look forward to hearing from you.

See you on The Street soon – bye!

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