Local communications

Community Relations

For many years, West Street Marketing have been involved in a range of work with education, charity and community institutions which include Age UK Hillingdon, Brunel University, Haydon School, Grundtvig Lifelong Learning Programme, Wooden Spoon Society, West London Business, Hillingdon Training, Impact Community Bucks and Barnhill Community High School.

We are committed to continuing and increasing our involvement within local communities, mainly throughout Greater London, in support of training, development and marketing/partnership projects.

Jack Peffers heads this activity in supporting these developments in Education and Community Affairs having recently completed forty years working in a range of positions in the educational sector. This includes Secondary school teacher careers and counselling coordinator, Local Authority advisor for economic awareness, Director of the School Curriculum Industry Partnership, Research Fellow at the Centre for Education and Industry at the University of Warwick, Manager of European Affairs at the Institute of Education and University of London.

We live and work in a community and our culture is to give something back. If you want to discuss any aspect of community relations, contact us and we will be delighted to talk.